All these countries have been intensively travelled in and explored by us personally. Our experience and “intimate” knowledge stretch over many years and don´t only focus on the main highlights or lesser known places, but also attractive cultures, traditions, customs and diverse ethnic groups.

We know the famous highlights very well, but our specialty is to find and explore the lesser known (but not less beautiful or impressive) features of each country.

Every country is different, and with every visit or every different season we realize that. Very different scenery, exotic flora and fauna, fantastic African safaris, countless tribes and ethnic groups as well as thrilling activities. One can never have enough of Africa, it never stops to dazzle you and to enthrall you, here is something for everybody.

Would you like to visit the cradle of humankind? You don´t know where to start? We gladly help you to choose your country, according to your wishes, imaginations and expectations. Just browse our “mini” catalogue of countries, we are sure our photos will help you.


A country for adventurous souls and lovers of unforgettable safaris. Elephants, antelopes, zebras, giraffes, wildebeests and an uncountable amount of other wildlife roam freely across the plains, dunes, salt pans and dry river beds. The unique Okavango Delta, the ever-flowing Chobe river, the unforgiving Kalahari desert and dazzling white salt pans are only a fraction of what you can experience in this romantic and breathtaking scenery…

Discover Botswana

South Africa

South Africa is a civilized country in Africa, everything is available, developed and ready…and yet, one can still escape into the wild and experience Africa. The dream about visiting Cape Town, climbing the table mountain, to go on a trek through the wild Drakensberg mountains or on a safari in Kruger NP can become reality. South Africa offers a wide range of options, activities and adventures.

discover south africa


The warm heart of Africa is beating fast and powerful. Friendly locals with a smile on their face, colourful and bustling markets offer local produce, fabric, artefacts, souvenirs and specialties. One of Malawi´s jewels is the “sea” locked in in the middle of the savannah – Lake Malawi, also known as the “lake of stars”. Snorkeling or diving amongst the many colourful fish are very attractive. And the mountainous highlands invite you to trek and hike…

discover malawi


White beaches lined with coconut palms, dugout canoes with local fishermen, fantastic diving and snorkeling and a very rich history are only a few attracting factors. From the Southern beaches to the Northern archipelagos, from everywhere one can see the old Portuguese architecture, mixed with a bit of Arabic culture. The Quirimbas, historical Ilha da Mocambique, tropical scenery, acacia-lined tracks, exotic bird life and delicious cuisine…

Discover Mozambique


Hard to describe the contrasts of Namibia. Endless panoramas, dazzling vistas and a breathtaking play of colours is enthralling. Orange sand dunes and golden plains are not all that Namibia has on offer, there is so much more. Colourful tribes, an interesting culture, rock paintings, inviting hot springs, a massive canyon, a millions of years old salt pan and endless gravel roads…

Discover Namibia


Home of the black people – “Bilat al Sudan” – behind the veil of a bad reputation there are treasures of an ancient civilization. Picturesque Nubian villages, enthralling desert scenes and one of the friendliest locals on Earth, who are eager to show you their culture and traditions. You will feel like an explorer and adventurer, especially when you stand amongst the pyramids and temples all by yourself…

Discover Sudan


The wide savannah, dotted by acacia trees, in between giraffes, elephants, antelopes and other wildlife. Kilimandjaro, Serengeti and Ngoro Ngoro are the main attractions. Palm trees, white beaches, colourful markets, seafood, delicious fish and locals that come to you to sell paw paws, avocados, cashew nuts and live chicken. Time is running different here. Tanzania will certainly not bore you – from the sea to the mountains…


The real Africa as it should be – raw, pure and attractive. Prides of lion, swarms of bats, herds of elephant, hyenas, leopards, jackals and many more decorate every national park, wetlands and reserves. The weary traveler gets a shower from the mighty Victoria Falls, soaks in hot springs and enjoys the friendly locals. For the adventurous and Africa lovers Zambia is just the right destination.

Discover Zambia


Behind the Victoria Falls lies a mountainous and rocky scenery, very different from the surrounding countries. Granite “kopjes” and whale backs offer wild national parks, rock art galleries, fantastic mountain treks, magic viewpoints and romantic villages full of friendly Zimbabweans, either being Shona or Ndebele. Markets are full of intricate artefacts and carvings from soap stone, wood, metal or paintings.

discover zimbabwe

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