It´s exciting. When we started sharing our African experiences we met a lot of great people. We got invited for radio interviews, presentations and even to a world-famous tourism fair (ITB) to present one of our favourite countries – the Sudan.

For years we have been writing about our experiences and adventures and have published quite a few articles in reknown car and travel magazines worldwide. They can be found in Czech, Slovakian, British, German, South African, American and even Australian magazines. Here is a little excerpt of some of them:

“UNSTOPPABLE – Life Lessons from a VW Bus”

What is it like to travel through Africa in a world famous icon? What is it like to travel in a VW T3 Syncro (Vanagon)? This is a story about adventures and experiences on a wild and colourful continent. It is the story of 2 people and a van. No matter, if getting stuck in a river in Zimbabwe, if being shot at in Mozambique or if being stranded in the mighty salt pans of Botswana – there is always a way out. This book is filled with episodes of adventures. And in the centre of it all is a van that reached a worldwide fame. Not only for pulling money out of its owners pockets by being a bottomless pit, but also a van that spread joy. A van that promises “lifestyle” and “coolness”. Come with us to Africa and travel it through our stories!



You can find this book on many online e-book stores including Amazon.

Alternatively, you can contact us to get your copy for only 2,99 EUR. 

The book has 165 pages, including many stories from the road and photos as well.

If you are interested in reading more about our trips and adventures, you can find it here:


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