According to reocurring questions we thought it good to write down quite a bit of info, which we separated into 3 parts:

1. From us – here you can find out how we work, what types of expeditions and basic facts

We are not a tour operator. Under the name of Enjoy Africa Travel you can find tourguide services for a wide range of options and activities in Africa. We don´t organize package tours according to the Package Travel Regulation 1992. Tour operators have a strict schedule and tour plan, book all services like accommodation, transport etc. before the tour.

We offer you flexibility, time-wise as well as itinerary-wise. Our goal is not to sell a package, but to offer you our experience, knowledge, organizational skills and support. We don´t sell a tour package but an unforgettable experience.

A tour operator offers a package for one payment. When you take part in one of our expeditions, you only pay us a fee for our tourguide services, according to a contract that we will both sign. We work on a freelance basis.

In the detailed info of each expedition you will find an overview of estimated travel costs ( incl. activities, accommodation, transport etc) according to our experience with previous groups. All these costs are paid by the expedition member directly to the vendors on the spot in Africa – we don´t take these payments from you before the trip.

Each of us guides has a professional liability insurance.

You can find out more about legals and contracts in our “terms and conditions” section

Yes, there is. For 2021, as an intro offer, we give 5% discount on our tourguide fees for new guests, if you bring a friend he also gets 5% and you get an extra 5%, for returning guests and “Friends of Enjoy Africa Travel” we offer a 10% discount.

Imagine this: A small group of a maximum of 7-12 guests, a rough itinerary, a 4×4 with all equipment, offroad and on-road, a lot of new friends, new places and new adventures. At the start of our trip we will meet at our agreed meeting place. We will shop the food basics together, get local currency and head off into our adventure. Your part of the vehicle hire will be paid at the start of the expedition, for any group related expenses (fuel, food, group activities and group related vehicle/border fees) we suggest to have an “expedition till”, where every team member puts in a certain amount, from which we will pay these group expenses. Of course, every expense will be accounted for and written down. Camps/accommodation, snacks, activities, souvenirs and personal expenses are paid for individually.

We mostly camp in tents in beautiful African camps, and, if possible, we use local community camps. Mostly, we will shop on local markets, meet friendly natives and of course, use their services in order to support them. When possible, we will visit villages, marvel at beautiful sceneryand wildlife in its natural habitat.

If you love sleeping in a “1000-star-hotel”, eat food cooked over a crackling campfire, listening to the secret sounds of the African bush, smiling and friendly locals, endless savannah and enjoy a cool drink while watching African wildlife in a national park – then join us! You can find more info and photos in our section “travel style”

All our options and dates are based on our year-long experience and are syncronized with the option to visit more destinations for those, who would like to stay in Africa for more than 1 trip (you can easily join us for 3 months, if you like).

“Expedition” means a group trip to a destination based on a rough itinerary and agreements of all team members. Every signed up team member will definitely take part in the expedition. Your first booking with us is non-binding , we will then contact you, talk about details, send you the contract and would then receive a downpayment on our guiding fees.

On any expedition, anybody can enlist/book. Either groups or individuals. There is no age restriction. Do you not have a travel buddy? It doesn´t matter, with us, you have lots of opportunities to make new friends with similar interests like yourself – to travel adventurously and explore a different world. Or are you a group? Even easier for all of you together! We have a few conditions though. You are very welcome if you are:

easy going, happy and a team player

respectful towards other team members

be able to cooperate and do things together as a group

crazy about adventure and exploring


able to listen to your guide and respect his/her requirements for health and safety aspects as well as a smooth running of the expedition

in a physically good condition

eager to learn new things and take part in our “expedition routine”

You should NOT be:

a provocative and unfriendly type

ignorant and manipulative

selfish and lazy

an extreme individualist (team work is everything on our expeditions)

We are not going to tolerate racist or discriminating behaviour, same goes for sexual harrassment. For breaking the rules big time and ignoring the guide´s rules we will have to say farewell to this member in the nearest town. From there, he/she will have to make their way back at their own expense. Guiding fees will not be returned.

If possible, we will organize a meeting before the trip, where we will not only talk about the itinerary and details, but mostly get to know each other. A personal meeting helps us to guess the future team member and prevents disappointments on the trip.

The expeditions will run if the minimum members sign up. That´s why we will give you a date for your definite sign up and the downpayment of the guiding fees. If we don´t reach the minimum sign ups, the expedition will be moved to a different date or canceled.

We recommend a trip insurance, which includes cancellation from your side.

We will find a substitute. And if we can´t find a substitute guide, we will have to cancel the expedition and refund you the paid guiding fees. To cover any extra expenses from your side we recommend a travel insurance with a wide coverage.
Yes. Without a travel insurance we can´t take you to Africa. For any trip of any kind we always recommend having a travel insurance, mainly for health, accident, liability, theft and loss. There are many offers out there, some annual insurances cover you for multiple trips of 60-90 days each trip. As a team member it is your responsibility to have a travel insurance, we don´t want the whole group to pay for someone´s treatment.

We want you to feel safe and in good health. This is our priority. Traveling in Africa is a bit more demanding when it comes to climate, traffic, services, encountering wildlife and different cultures. One can´t expect the same standards as for example in Austria or anywhere else in Europe. There are written and unwritten laws, recommendations and info, which need to be adhered to to prevent any unpleasant or even life-threatening situations.

You sign up for an expedition at your own risk. Part of the contract between you and Enjoy Africa Travel will also be a declaration which needs to be signed. It is very important to read all info material we give you, listen to the guide´s instructions and most of all to realize that Africa is a different world – a different culture, different rules and wildlife, which demands respect in its own right. Most incidents or accidents happen because of a lack of respect or knowledge. And we all know that ignorance is no excuse. On our first evening together in Africa we will have an introductory briefing. Important briefings will also follow up before visiting our first national park to clarify how to act and behave in a wildlife environment.

In the case of “health complications” we will organize help and treatment. From you, it is important to be properly vaccinated, have your mandatory medication with you and please, not to forget to inform us about any serious health issues you have. Part of our equipment is also a medical kit including malaria tests and cures.

Detailed information can be found in each expedition on the website. The whole info includes a “mini guide” with more facts about the visited country. Also, there is more info in our “FAQ – before the trip” section. After signing up, we will send you important info by email – we want to make sure you understand what to expect in Africa, on tour and what we would like from you. Please read this email carefully, as well as any other documentation and details to prevent any misunderstandings that could arise on the trip and create tense situations with other team members. When we meet personally, we will have a little quiz about points of our material sent to you. We will then also talk about the itinerary.

No. The “rough itinerary” means our temporary travel plan. Every team member is welcome to bring in his/her ideas and places of interest. Of our suggested activities, none is compulsory, it depends on each individually, if he/she wants to do it or not. They are rather recommendations according to previous travellers and our own experience. No activities or accommodation is booked ahead, we decide on the spot. We do this not only because we are not a tour operator, but it also keeps us very flexible. Some places we like more and want to stay longer, other places will be more of a short visit. On many occasions, a local gave us a good hint what to visit and we followed it. Or we receive an invitation for a wedding (Sudan) and something like that one can´t refuse!

What can happen is that a top destination will be fully booked, we can talk about it before the trip and make the booking together.

Did we forget anything? Anything else you want to know? Write us…

2. Before the trip – here you can find info on what you need to know before the adventure starts

First of all, it is important to read all materials carefully, in the expedition details here on the web as well as the info we will send to you. There, you can find out about visa regulations, which equipment to take and what to expect. If ever you need any more info or answers to your questions, we are there for you!

Travel documents – you will definitely need your passport and it should be valid for a minimum of 6 months after your return home. Most countries will give you a visa on arrival at the border or the airport. If you need to apply beforehand (Angola, Kongo, Sudan, Algiers etc) you will find the info in the expedition description. Each one of you is responsible to apply for those visas by yourself. What we can do is to send our passports to the embassy together or go through a visa service or travel agent. For a country like Sudan it is important not to have Israelian stamps in your passport, and the other way around – with a Sudanese visa you can´t apply for a US e-visa anymore, but need to go through an embassy.

We definitely recommend to be vaccinated. And even better, have them all in an international vaccination pass to take with you. Some countries want you to have a yellow fever vaccination. We have the following: Hep A/B, Tetanus, yellow fever, meningitis, typhus, rabies. For the best options for you, best speak to a travel health center, your GP and have them advise you. Also be aware, that a lot of vaccinations need to be done well ahead before the trip because you may have to have 2-3 shots. (Rabies, for example, takes 28 days.)

We also recommend a little medical kit, definitely take the ones that you have to take regularly. Otherwise, the travel health centre will certainly advise you on what to take with you.

We will send you a list in our info material after your booking.

Our expeditions have an adventurous character in the African outdoors. We mostly sleep in tents and cook, when possible, over a fire. “If you want to experience Africa, forget the lodges and hotels” is one of hints in a book called “Safari” by Geoffrey Kent. In some camps you can also swap the tent for a safari tent, a chalet or anything else you feel like. Just be aware it may be more expensive than regular camping.

The most common and most known currency is the USD, any exchange bureau or bank will change them. EUR can be possible, but certainly, USD is the better bet, the rate may be better than the EUR rate.

That depends on the decision of all team members. The best is to arrive all at the same time, at the latest in the morning of day 1 of our expedition. If ever you want to fly earlier or depart later, to have a look around the area more, it is no problem, just be aware that you will be on your own. We can help with accommodation or recommendations on what to visit. You will have to be at our meeting point at the time and date of day 1!

We can´t advise on that, but a good start to find things out is through the website of the ministry of foreign affairs in your country. Every country is different, please read those rules carefully.

Did we forget anything? Anything else you need to know? Write us…

3. In Africa – very important questions and answers about what to expect in Africa

Most probably a few of you may fly over together. If you arrive in the morning, we will meet you at the airport, go shop the basics together and head off into our adventure. If you arrive individually or later, we will sleep over close to the airport and start early the next morning. At least there will be time to adjust to Africa, tune in to the “African wave” and we get to know each other.

No. We don´t book accommodation. We can help you and recommend places for arrival/departure, we can also help you with transfers to/from the accommodation.

Every African country has different visa rules, for different citizenships. For example, Slovakian citizens need a visa to enter South Africa. More detailed info will be sent to you by us with all the material after signing up.

The hired car comes with camping equipment (chairs, table, water cans, 12v shower, tents, shovel and other offroad equipment) as well as kitchen gear (pots, pans, cutlery, plates, bowls, cooker, gas bottle, grill etc.). Let´s also not forget a fridge/freezer. For your outdoor gear, it is required to bring a matress, sleeping bag, head light, binoculars (if you want), a pocket knife and if you feel like it, then pepper spray for your own safety. We also have an “onboard library” with country guides, animal guides, plant guides etc. You will get more details in your info material which we send out after you signed up with us.

In the cars, that we hire, there is a safe with enough room for passports, credit cards and money. It is for everyone to use.

Yes. In the whole of Africa it is forbidden to take photos of government buildings, officials, military compounds, soldiers, police officers, border crossings and often even water dams. Those are rules we HAVE TO adhere to, otherwise it could end with the whole group being detained, arrested and worst case, deported. Also, when taking photos of people, please ask first – on our first briefing in Africa we will explain you more.

Well, it does influence our schedule, yes. We all go out to experience the beauty of Africa, we are not on a beach holiday and that means we need to adjust. In Africa, as opposed to Europe in summer, days are relatively short. Around 6pm, it is dark and around that tiome we should be off the road and in a camp. To use the daylight to a maximum, to not only sit in the car and take photos out of the windows, we need to get up early. On those days, we recommend getting up at around 5am (and especially on safari!) Of course, not every day, there will be days and time, when we will not travel anywhere and everybody can sleep in.

A big YES! There will be many opportunities, depending on the country, but our guess is that you will not fly home empty-handed. Just a word of advice: don´t forget about laws, banned products (certainly NO ivory), plants, animal parts and the red list “CITES”.

Did we forget anything? Anything else we can help you with? Write us…


Don´t miss the chance to experience Afrika. We will send you the best events and interesting expeditions. Africa is waiting for you!

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