The Best of Africa

What is “the best of Africa” for you? Safari, savannah, waterfalls, endless plains or locals? Africa attracts a lot of lovers of the exotic, of adventurous travelling and experiencing and it is definitely for you, because it led you right here, to our website. What is the best? Everything! And that´s why we came up with the brand Enjoy Africa Travel.

Enjoy – to enjoy every magical moment, Africa – where else than in Africa, Travel – and this with all adventures and full of soul…because with us you will experience the real Africa.

EAT is not a tour operator, we don´t sell tour packages. Our aim is to make it possible for you to experience Africa on a very individual level – adventurous and as if you travel by yourself. And even if we organize and prepare what is necessary, even if we help you to get the best experience possible, you are most of all part of our team, not just a number. We want you to return home with the feeling, that you fully connected with this beautiful continent.

History – how it all began

The black continent was our big wish and dream, which we fulfilled in 2008 after long and difficult preparations. We went on our expedition “Transafrica from North to South”, which, instead of 6 months, took us nearly 1 year. We had to extend our adventure because Africa´s magic swallowed us and its charme enthralled us. We realized that it is a destination which attracts us like a magnet and invited us to explore even more. “One either loves or hates Africa“. Our expedition mobile was a Nissan Patrol, even today, it has never left the African continent, every year it takes us on new adventures and expeditions. In all these years we were able to find so many hidden gems and untouched places, some of them not even known to locals. We gained experience, contacts in each country, made lots of fantastic friends and met people who enriched us, turned our trips into a fantastic experience and motivated us to keep doing what we are doing.

Our specialty are the countries of the Southern part of Africa, we have zigzagged these countries for years. And as an addition there is the Sudan, a country which we know really well and where we take another “bite of the unknown” every year. Bit by bit we will add other very interesting destinations, mostly countries with a lower number of tourists.

We want to look behind the scenes of each country, our experience can be found in many articles we published on an international scale. And if you want to meet us personally, we also organize slideshow-presentations where we chat about our travels.

When we talk about Africa and tell our stories, our friends and people around us always listened with interest, until some of them decided to join us for a trip. These people wanted to see with their own eyes what they had heard from us. They wanted to see the magic and feel, how this continent puts you under its spell. And bit by bit, people that liked our tours started joining our adventures. Personal meetings and all our stories convinced even more people to go and see for themselves – and so they landed in a seat next to us. Lately, more and more people showed interest and so we decided to connect the enjoyable with the useful.

It fulfills us to share our experience and most of all to share our knowledge and love for Africa, to make it possible for some to experience and explore – something they had only dreamed about before. The feedback we got, and the tears in the eyes of some of them, when it was time to go home convinced us that they loved their trip, that when we work, we work with love and enthusiasm. Would you want to come along? Have a look at our travel style section to see how we do it. With us you will have a great holiday in Africa!

Who is behind it all?

Andrea Kaucká and René Bauer

Travellers, photographers and adventurers, they both publish articles in Czech Republic and abroad, both connected by their love to explore new places, by their love of offroad and adventure, fishing and good food. We have always loved travelling, either through our sports, to enjoy or to work. Andrea and Rene both met in New Zealand, where both of us lived for a long time and now, since 2008 we have explored the black continent.

We are knowledgeable about Africa and bring a big enthusiasm and love for different cultures, nature, wildlife, adventure and offroad with us. To plan and prepare a new expedition is what gives us energy and makes us feel alive!

Both of us regularly write articles for Czech, Slovakian, German, British, South African, American or even Australian travel and car magazines, during 2020´s lockdown we even managed to publish our first book “A Van Astray – Thrilling Stories from Africa” – dedicated to our travelling in a world famous icon.


She is guilty. Guilty of having the idea to cross Africa. Her interests are culture and locals, colourful markets, she loves the desert, savannah and offroad. A safari is the form of relaxation she chooses. She could sit around a waterhole for hours – either with a thermos full of coffee or an ice cold beer – and watch wildlife. With her natural curiosity she is always looking for new, undiscovered places, of which are still many in Africa.


Even if in the beginning Africa was not his top destination, he went and now got enthralled by this continent. He loves bushcraft, proper wild camping and offroad, the worse a track is, the more he enjoys it. To improvise and solving unusual situations or problems far away from civilization is what gets him going. Same like Andrea he always seeks out new places. And what is good for you – he loves outdoor cooking.

Why Africa?

It is an exotic continent, inviting you to adventurous traveling and to explore a completely different world. It is full of colourful locals, a very beautiful and diverse culture, magical nature, wildlife, impenetratable bush, endless seas of hot sand, the longest rivers and white beaches, deep, lush rainforests, high mountains, fiery red sunsets, the smell of acacia and the sounds of the wild – all this is AFRICA.

It is our second home, our life, our passion and our love.

Why with us?

What is a “madala”? How do people greet in Sudan? How do you know that an elephant will really attack? Where to buy the best cheese in Harare or the freshest game meat? How to drive in deep sand or how to cross rivers?

Travelling in Africa is not easy. We are not surprised that someone feels lost when in Africa for the first time. Culture and mentality are so different to what we are used to. What is accepted here in Europe can make problems in Africa.

  • we take care of each single one of you, even if you travel the first time
  • language barrier is not an obstacle, we help you to break it down
  • much cheaper expenses than with a tour operator
  • you don´t pay the whole trip up front, but only for our guiding/organizing fees
  • we don´t send you to an anonymous operator or guide – WE go with you
  • we know each country and culture deeply
  • we are part of Africa, we don´t just go look at it, but we explore it and become part of it
  • our itinerary contains a number of less known and less visited places, but we don´t forget the main sights either
  • flexibility with the itinerary, according to your wished or the team´s wishes
  • a very personal and individual approach
  • we care for you not only on the trip, but already before
  • small groups make sure your experience is a very individual and personal one
  • we have many contacts in each destination
  • lots of experience with offroad driving, be it sand, water or rocks
  • knowledge about cars and mechanical skills in case of problems
  • language knowledge


Don´t miss the chance to experience Afrika. We will send you the best events and interesting expeditions. Africa is waiting for you!

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