• Sudanese adventures

    Sudanese Adventures in March It was a little too hot with around 43 degrees but we enjoyed being away from home for a while. We had a nice group of travellers to come with us and did not only see the magnificient pyramids and [...]

  • Our BOOK is out now

    "A VAN ASTRAY - Thrilling stories from Africa" We are very happy to announce [...]

The Gods Must Be Crazy

The Gods Must Be Crazy Do you know that movie? The one with a Coke bottle wreaking havoc in an innocent hunter-gatherer society. We [...]

African souvenirs

African Souvenirs What is better than to bring a little souvenir or artefact back home from a trip. We just love it and our [...]

Jack the Jackal

Jackals - the opportunists of the bush Oh how we love them. Imagine sitting by the campfire at night and suddenly you are surrounded [...]


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