The Gods Must Be Crazy

Do you know that movie? The one with a Coke bottle wreaking havoc in an innocent hunter-gatherer society. We are talking about the San or Khoisan people. Sometimes referred to as „bushmen“, this term is not very well liked by them. There are no more freely roaming and living San, they have been either pushed away by the arriving Bantu tribes or they were forbidden to roam and to hunt and gather. San people live on the edge of society but fortunately there are many community run San villages one can visit, to learn about their ways of life and to create an income for themselves. There are quite a number of these villages in Namibia and Botswana.

What is also fascinting are the cave paintings left to us by the San bushmen of ancient times. Imagine seeing those paintings knowing they are thousands of years old. Lots of them are in Zimbabwe and it definitely is a great experience to go find them in caves, overhangs and rock cliffs.