Vom Affen gebissen

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Monkey Business Well...where shall we start? Maybe right at the point where a baboon troop took out our poor trailer: After a beautiful safari we wanted to get back to our camp and relax during the hot noon hours. But already from far we could see that there would be trouble. [...]

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Auf Elefanten treffen

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Encountering Elephants They are truly amazing animals. More than 15.000 muscles in their trunks, huge, massive but yet soft feet, wrinkled and thick skin and a memory nearly as big as their bodies. We have encountered elephants many times, sometimes being chase, on other occasions being surrounded by them or just [...]

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Jack, der Schakal

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Jackals - the opportunists of the bush Oh how we love them. Imagine sitting by the campfire at night and suddenly you are surrounded by howling sounds. A family of jackals meeting up to go out and scavenge for food. These little creatures are very intelligent, curious and come with a [...]

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